TeenTechies vision is to achieve global market share and best of breed status in enterprise-wide value management. We want to be known as the go-to company for helping customers grow and prosper. We aim to keep our investors highly satisfied”.


We will achieve our global customer-focused vision by providing technical solutions which deliver beyond our customer's desires and their user's needs. All of which delivered at a cost effective price and speed by using the latest and constantly updated open source.


We strive to equip Teen Techies with the best of class –team, environment, investors and knowledge to meet your needs, by adhering to our four value pillars below.


We aim to provide maximum return to company shareholders without compromising customer’s satisfaction


We strive to be ahead of the technological curve by leveraging the latest open source technologies on a continuous basis.


We ensure we have an empowering work environment, where the team are motivated to be the best they can be.We will be investing in the companies’ capabilities through training and mentoring, so we have cutting edge knowledge at our finger tips.


Creating an experience that is truly magical for the society